Mad Skills Motocross 2 shouldn’t be deleted after MSM 3 comes out

@THR_Birdshaw @JoeW723 I know this thread is for name changing, but I didn’t know where else to post this - earlier, I was in Josh’s stream (u were too, that’s why I’m asking you. You were talking about the end of cash games, but then, Josh said something about Mad Skills Motocross 2 is also going to end (disappear) when 3 comes out. Is that true? I’d really hate if this would happen, because I’ve been playing Mad Skills 2 for about 6 years and a half, and I still love it, but as I was watching some videos about Mad Skills 3 on YT, (I’m sorry to say this) I realised that Mad Skills 3 is probably going to suck. It’s just the weird camera angle while playing, the fact that there’s some kind of coins, the fact that you will probably have to get these coins to unlock stuff and not just get them through a few challenges like in MSM 2, is just disappointing for me. I love Mad Skills even more because there is no coins like in other typical games. The sistem where you unlock bikes, riders, helmets,… through a few challenges is amazing! So I know this may sound harsh (@Konfederate hahahah yes I know you said this to, but I don’t know how else to say it), but I want to get this out there for everyone else that loves the current state of Mad Skills. I hope you can do something about this, I’m not just saying this because I love the game, but also because I spent some money (not much maybe like 20€ or so, but still). To sum up, I hope Mad Skills 2 stays how it is currently, and doesn’t get deleted.

it wont be as far as i know. the jams are only going to be reruns and the game will get less atention.

Thx for trying to cheer me up, but I heard this from GG_YouTube - he’s extremely skilled at this game and he’s been in Sweden for championships multiple times. And I believe that Mad Skills Motocross 2 might be gone after 3 comes out, because same happened to Mad Skills 1. But like you said, there’s a possibility that MSM 2 will stay. Thanks tho / vseen hvala

mad skills was removed cause it was 32 bit and app store stopped supporting it. and i actually talked about this with joe on discord a couple of months ago(when reruns started) it could change since then but i doubt it did.

Ohhhhh. That makes sense! I had no idea that was the case, I just thought Turborilla removed it because Mad Skills 2 came out. Well thanks! (This has nothing to do with the topic but I gotta admit, it feels really weird talking English with a Slovenian hahahah)

Don’t believe anything Josh has to say. He spreads misinformation all the time.

We have no plans to shut down MSM2 when MSM3 comes out. It will remain up and running. We understand some players might prefer MSM2 over MSM3 so we don’t want to shut it down. We even have plans to bring a new game mode to MSM2 sometime in 2021 (if all goes as planned).

However, don’t knock MSM3 until you’ve tried it. It will include many things the community has been asking for for years! The camera angle is something you’ll get used to and when you do you’ll see that it is better. You can see more of the upcoming track that way.

The fact that we have coins (virtual currency) shouldn’t turn you off too much. You can still earn the currency for free just by playing. I know you prefer the MSM2 method of unlocking bikes, but there are plenty of players who actually don’t like that method. Sometimes a challenge is too hard and they cannot get past it and get stuck. With coins they can find many ways to earn them and won’t get stuck.

Some MSM3 improvements over MSM2:

  • The physics feel better in MSM3 (IMO)
  • We have multiple track surface types like sand, dirt, and eventually mud
  • Teams
  • Way more customization
  • A ranked competitive league
  • More event types besides just weekly Jam
  • A live PVP tournament mode
  • hopefully WHIPS! - currently in testing so they may or may not stay
  • hopefully the track editor in a later update post launch

MSM3 does feel a bit different than MSM2. But MSM2 also felt different from MSM1. If you play MSM3 long enough you’ll learn to love and MSM2 will feel weird to you. When I go back and play MSM2 now it feels worse to me. I much prefer MSM3 but I still love MSM2!

Anyway… the point is that MSM2 isn’t going away so don’t worry! But if you want to competete in special events and championships you’ll have to move over to MSM3.


First of all, thanks for the response! And of course, I will play MSM 3. My problem was only with the removal of MSM 2 but after @THR_Roastedbeef explained the reason for the removal of MSM 1,and now your message (thanks again), I’m pretty satisfied. And yes, I very much look forward to the upcoming championships and events in MSM 3 (I have to say, I’m very disappointed that Cash Games is going away, but that’s one more reason I look forward to events and other stuff like that). I will play MSM 3, but I will be very active on MSM 2 as well. I guess I’ll see which one I prefer after MSM 3’s full release. Thanks again for answering to my questions!

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Glad I could clarify things for you.

It is a bummer that esports mode is leaving but it was a fun few years! We hope to create fun events in MSM3 to make up for it. Just know we hear your feedback and it means a lot to us. We are always listening to our players.
Thanks for playing!


No problem!

I have to say that this is quite a bit more than I expected lol, it kinda seems like youve packed the best ideas into one game. im so looking forward to playing it

Same! But I’ll of course still be playing MSM 2