Mad Skills BMX 2 is Here!

At long last, Mad Skills BMX 2 is available globally, for iOS and Android. Download for free here:

If you’re not seeing it in your app store yet, give it a little time. It can take a few hours to spread across the world.

Have fun!


One of our artists made this lovely gif

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Alltho it’s very funny it’s horribly rendered

Just finished the tutorial I’m playing it when I get home.

You know its funny I race motocross but out right now bc I fractured my jaw on December 31 but I use to race box about a year or 2 ago for a few years and I love how you guys are making games for both.

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Bmx not box lol.

I have a question. So when you unlock bike 7 and start unlocking “all upgrades” for bike 2 or whatever for example. Does that mean you can upgrade that bike all the way and it will be as fast as bike 7 upgraded to the max?


Yeah if you fully upgrade a bike 1 after unlocking the upgrades its gonna be as fast as a fully upgraded bike 7 :+1:

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nibba you stupid, btw, do you know da wae

Thanks dude

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Lags in Mad Skills BMX 2 are more ridiculous than in MSMX2. Unplayable for me on iphone 7!

I haven’t had a single lag whatsoever. All runs smooth as silk. I’m on iPhone 6s.

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Id be keen to race a box dude :joy::joy:

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Android runs perfect for me

My phone lags a little all the time but my iPad is impossible to play on and I’m on pro track 5-2 now thx for the help with loco guys! @THR_Jogga72 @THR_Dutchwoman @THR_TacoBandito @THR_Birdshaw


There ya go :+1::smiley: have you gotten bike 7 yet?

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I’ve had it I’ve only upgraded the speed to 27 and left everything else stock.

So I have another question…
I finished all the pro Tracks and I have bike7 but it lacks like 5 upgrades and that craps gonna cost me at least 150000 how do I get the cash?

You play daily missions and play quick cash or whatever just grind on medium.