Mad Skills BMX 2 is coming!

We’re excited to announce that Mad Skills BMX 2 is currently well into development! It’s being developed for iOS and Android, and will launch simultaneously on the App Store and Google Play.

We have no release date yet! We don’t even have a general time frame!

Stay tuned to this category for more updates as development progresses.


Nice, look forward to trying it out.

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Great news fellas :smiley:

Here we go!! I’ve been putting some more time into BMX1 off and on the last couple months to be ready.

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I wish I could do that… Too bad Im on Android. Never even tested it :frowning:

I’m actually glad you’ll be starting from scratch. Could give you a different view of the physics.

Yeah Im so looking forward to it. It sure gonna feel weird riding a tiny bike instead if a heavy motocross :slight_smile:

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Same here, never played it being android so we’ll be able to give a first try opinion with no preconceptions of how it should play.

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I’d like to know about getting my brand into the game. I know that the last game had Supercross in it so I’d like to see about being a part of it, banners, bikes, maybe even riders. Oh, and I’d like to test it too but I’m sure you already knew that.

I can not wait I love riding bikes and playing Madskills bmx go check my instagram @seth.biker14

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I am a player of MSMX2 and love the game. It’s how I spend all of my free time. I would love to assist you with your MSBMX development by testing the game and providing feedback on it. My user name is DEFTEK67. I know you probably get tons of requests for this opportunity and encourage you to select the best people for the job. I am 48 years old and have played almost every game that’s been made since Pong first came out. I also sonhave a background in electronics and have done some minor development of my own.


Is there going to be a trailer coming out soon??

I would also like to test the game as a tester for Android

Has anybody some new informations? Release date, trailer, screenshots? I am really looking forward to it, the first one was epic! :smile:

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No, no, nope, me too :wink:

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