Mad skills bmx 2 hype!

i think they should change back to the whip button. because it is more realistic. i race bmx and nobody is going to do a backflip in a race. but many people do whips in races.

Its a 2d game, I personally think it should be like msm2 with open rotating. And you can learn how to be faster with the other buttons to stay low or jump high

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Since you haven’t played it let me just tell you that open rotating and bmx2 don’t really go together in 1 sentence :grinning: … Once it comes out you’ll find that out too but it’s a lot different from msmx2 and i can ensure you that open rotating wouldn’t make it better at all


A whip wouldn’t really do anything whereas a backflip has a mysterious use im not allowed to tell you about…

It looks neat af


I saw a while ago a post on facebook about a whip button and was wondering how they were going to make it work in a 2d game, but it is a beta so things change.

Howd you do that

Magic. :sunglasses:

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Lol I’m doing it


what about this?

yayyy I figured it out

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I don’t know why that didn’t work.

Many people has done a backflip in a race, and if youre gonna whip, youre gonna go slow anyway, so why not go all the way with a backflip?

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