Mad Skills BMX 2 bosses

One way that Mad Skills BMX 2 will be different from our previous games is that it will have a number of bosses to beat in Career mode. Here are a couple of illustrations showing some of them.

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So will those bosses kind of be like an ace time in MSM, or will they have their own special track at the end of a level? I kind of like the idea of a “boss” to beat to unlock the next tier of tracks.

They’ll act as a sort of mission presented to players at different points of their progression through the game. Sort of an, "Okay, you’ve done that, but can you beat her?

Speaking of bosses, all of them were loosely based off of characters from film/literature. Can anybody guess the inspiration for the three I’ve posted so far?



Lol I’ve no idea how this will work as never played previous version. What do you do, tap the screen to peddle or something. It’ll be fun trying something different

Im with you on this one! It sure is gonna be hard to NOT tap the screen the MSMX2 way, lol!

Will there be rewards for beating each boss?

Yeah, though we don’t have all of that worked out yet.

The third one is CLEARLY based off of Conway Stern lol

I’ve played games like this. Its pretty fun