Mad Skills Beta Tester Sign-up


As well they should.


Tweetybirdman can you put “Cavs Bandwagon Driver” under mine Aswell please :wink:




Pineapple pizza is lecker… but they never will be as good as a pineapple bacon pancake!!!



All caps tax


Can I get the beta tester under my name to?


Go ahead and register the iPad for now. When the iPhone comes in, just register it with HockeyApp and shoot me a note letting me know it’s registered.

Right – beta testing has not begun for new testers. I want everyone to wait until the next builds are sent out. We’re making some key changes, and it’s important that you all play the upcoming version of the game first.[quote=“TSR_Mecias_EC, post:38, topic:1791, full:true”]
where can i send you the reports of bug in bmx2

This will be explained when your test begins. Please do not play the current version of Mad Skills BMX 2.

I’m gonna kill this thread now.