Mad Skills Beta Tester Sign-up


Hey mate cheers for accepting me to be a tester!!!

Just wondering why I can’t download it and play at the moment?


I considered it, But I’ll let it stay open a little longer.


I explained this in the graphic you received in the invite email.




Alright sweet thanks for that, at least I know I just wait now :blush:


Anyone wanna take the “aspiring” out of my header thingy? :joy::sunglasses:

@THR_Birdshaw @Kipketer


I got U fam😀


I hate you. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What?! Why?



@bryan Im currently waiting for a new phone and play on a ipad atm. My new phone is probs coming next week. Iphone is my main device so should i wait until it comes or?


I think they want us to wait anyway.


where can i send you the reports of bug in bmx2


Shortly a new section of the forum will open up to you. That is where you post beta feedback.


How do you get the “beta tester” under your username?


@THR_Birdshaw can do that i believe… While you’re at it birdshaw can you do mine too :grinning:


Can I get Beta tester / Jokerz / artist Under my name :slight_smile:


@THR_Birdshaw can you remove my tcr tag?


I got all you whiners😀


Now half of the people are gonna hate me for my new pineapple pizza title :joy::joy::joy: