Mad Skills Beta Tester Sign-up

We’re currently beta testing Mad Skills BMX 2 and are looking for beta testers who are willing to commit some time to playing it and giving us thoughtful, honest feedback. Opportunities to join the Mad Skills beta testing team are very infrequent, so if you’ve ever wanted the chance, here it is.

We don’t have room for everyone, so take your time with this form if you really want to test. We won’t leave it up for long. We will alert all invitees by Thursday, May 25.


I don’t see an application from you…

You know this is what the form is for right :grinning: anyways cool that you’re here rocket man :joy:

Sorry about that, I just sent one

Wie Viele werden den so gesucht …
Was muss man an Voraussetzung haben um ein Beter Tester zu werden

Ich wäre bereit … als Beter Tester, spiele von ihn auf Herz und Niere zu Testen. :calling:

Meine Bewerbung ist schon heute morgen früh an ihnen raus gegangen.

Did u get my application?

I’m positive he did.

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Just sent a application

Sent an application

Application sent

Yeah, got it, thanks.

Just sent my application :grinning:

Ist die wahl schon angeschlossen.
Wer noch zum Beta Tester Team kommt.

The selection is already connected.
Who still comes to the beta tester team.

The selected players have already been notified via e-mail.

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Danke mann für deine Mitteilung.

Glad to be part of the beta tester team :slight_smile:


Glückwunsch, an alle neuen Beta-Tester.
Congratulation, to all new Beta-Testers.
Felicitaties, aan alle nieuwe Beta-Testers.

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@THR_Birdshaw :lock: :question:

Thanks a bunch for lettin me join the beta team :metal::metal:


Yeah thanks a lot guys appreciate it! :slight_smile: