LP or WFO about Joining the Team

Could someone please reply to me about joining LP please, this would be much appreciated as I’m to join a really fast team like LP or WFO

Why not join YG? :wink: At least with their current situation, I think there’s a free pass. :wink: :smile:


Can I join WFO plz

maybe @Murdock_Martins can add you in LP.

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He hasn’t been active for 2 weeks anyone else you might suggest?

What’s up with YG? has something occurred?

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Stay THR :metal:


THR is the best :+1:


Why don’t we pair up and throw down some great times with YZF? If not thats ok I could probably get ahold of Murdock for you if you really wanna join lp though but I think you gotta know spanish not very sure :+1:

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The leader Auzzi may have vacated his seat. Chaos

You can waltz in, I guess :wink: :smile:

But hey, make no mistake. . .THR is cool and best, IMO


get in touch with me. I have a offer for you and a couple questions :wink:




Can I join wfo or LP I’m 68th in the world and 22 in jam right now and first in my state with a overall of 1:29.681

I made it into LP :wink:

Hey, on LP we do not just speak Spanish, Nous parlons français, Falamos portugues, wir sprechen deutsch, Vi taler dansk, 我們說繁體中文, hablamos español, Мы говорим по-русски, نحن نتكلم العربية, parliamo italiano, we speak English,and we speak any language that is necessary to communicate with our children. LATIN POWER does not mean it is a Latino team or only for Latinos, no matter where you are from or what your language is.


Can I join LP I’ve been playing this game for about 3 years I’m in dividsion 1

Do I have to have Facebook to join

This is my standings right now

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The best is here ,come to us.