Looking for a team | parker709

Top player in jam most weeks, currently sitting #1 on track one. Open to any team haha! thanks for viewing

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you are wellcome to TSR

Don’t listen to this @TSR_Mecias_EC guy he doesn’t know what he’s talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: THR is where it’s at man… We are beating every other team if it’s about awesomeness and we might not have the number 1 spot on leaderboards but as a wise man (@OnTheFrontLine) once said: “we don’t measure in leaderboard spots, we measure in inches” :grinning: if you still have any doubts just look at this fabulous team logo :joy:



Haha! That logo is hilarious!

if you like pink go with them.

If you can beat Slip & Slide in 32 second you are wellcome to join TSR.

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Measure in inches… ha


Yeah that’s why you’re no longer on the team… You brought the average down waaaaay too much :grinning:


It would be a dream to be on WFO or YG but the downside is you have to be a boring robot that brings everybodies fame down when they get a nice run

Being on WFO or YG is a dream for you? I wouldn’t wanna be on either actually :thinking:


Well, take that back. It just shows hey, your pretty fast

Yeah okay that’s kinda true seeing YG in front of someones name usually looks pretty professional but then i still wouldn’t really wanna be on the team :slight_smile:

Join THR, literally the funniest and best people you will ever meet in this community.


I’ll join THR, What is the next step?

I dont know if you can handle it😜, its pretty hard to get in. There is one thing you have to do…

And that is?

Okay remember career track braap (the very first career track)… Well you need to be able to finish that in 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: and obviously @THR_Birdshaw will have to change your name :grinning: so just say your current ingame name and what you want the THR one to be and when he has time he will get you changed :+1:

Did it already. @parker709 join us on facebook at THR - super secret Public page for good times and verbal abuse.


Yeah I saw. Too busy tearing it up in dailies. Someone else beat me to it.