Loco I cannot seem to beat him

I’ve completed all the tracks only thing I haven’t done is beat Loco I’m getting fed up with trying to beat him what other games are like this one

Msmx2 lol. What bike do you have?

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Loco is hard. Super hard. But still very possible to beat.
Actually Loco himself isnt that fast, but mess up the line and he’ll blow right by you. Just focus on getting the line right and forget all about Loco.

Don’t worry, I can’t beat him either… Even with a fully unlocked bike and unlimited rockets. You need skills for it.

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The same bike that when I finished all the courses so I’m not sure exactly which one it is but it says if you beat Loco there’s another bike you can get in the speed and everything is so much higher

Must be bike 6? Like we saiwhen you were having troubles with 5-11 was it? Timing is very important especially on this track, watch replays, there are a few lines to choose from, youll find the fastest lines are a hell of alot more challenging But are possible on stock bike 6. (I just tried😊), if i remember correctly loco screws up at the first triple half pipey things then again on the incline triples, thats more or less your biggest advantage.

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