Le Mans Thread!

And of you gasoline crazed racers also like four wheels? It’s Christmas eve, your birthday, and and that time you went to Disney all rolled up into one! IT’S THE 24 HOUR RACE AT LE MANS BABY! I’m shooting for around 18 hours myself.

Not a single one of you cares about anything but motorbikes!
Screw you, man!



Anyone can race 4 wheels, lol.

You guys missed the most insane end to a Le Mans EVER! All due to your two wheel appartheit. :slight_smile:

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I like all racing. I even watch the fim ice warriors races :+1: I don’t know how they can control a bike with metal spikes in the tires going around an ice track lol. I also follow Lucas oil racing an they have there fingers in just about every type of racing on this competitive world. Good broadcasting and coverage.