LATIN POWER OFFICIAL CLUB Registration and requirements

Hola a todos, aquí podéis realizar cualquier comentario acerca de nuestro nuevo equipo. Como nota, añado, que no es necesario ser Latino para pertenecer a el, simplemente nos gustó el nombre y decidimos ponerlo. Para mas información puedes contactar conmigo por facebook Murdock Martin´s. Cualquier consulta que tengas , no dudes en preguntar, Gracias.

Hello everyone, here you can make any comments about our new team. As a side note, I do not need to be Latino to belong to it, we just liked the name and decided to put it. For more information you can contact me by facebook Murdock Martin’s. Any questions you have, do not hesitate to ask, Thank you.


Hello thr_birdshaw, here they say that you are the owner of the castle:Gafas de sol: and that you have to pass the names of members of this team to edit them.

At the moment we have these guys,

JulitoBmx LP_JulitoBmx
Benjamin0906 LP_Benjamin0906
delfro LP_delfro
eddyto159 LP_E_D_D_Y_21

Please confirm if this is where I should do it, thanks, a hug.

@OnTheFrontLine, @THR_Birdshaw can you help he.

Gracias SAM, un saludo.

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De Igual manera un saludo para ti tambien. Suerte con tu equipo.

Welcome! I’ll get the names changed later tonight.

Thank you cute teddy ( The meaning of this comment is only a product of your imagination … haha ).

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Got 'em.

And I JUST understood the cute teddy comment. I’ll have you know that you are talking about Tom Hanks Rainbro III and he’s awesome!

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Did u tgink he called u a cute teddy? :joy:

Hahaha, not the best way to start … I report to google translator. Jajja

I had no clue what was going on.

Hello, how are you? I need another name change. zeldabroralride. LP_zeldabros
The other changes you request are not yet all. what is the reason? Thanks again. A greeting.

The others have been changed But something wierd has happened with your username. I cant find it. Can you check your profile and tell me what it says?

Hello, in both my profile and the JAM classification my name appears as _MURDOCK _. Could it be because I’ve played JAM in several countries?
eddyto159 is only exchanged on his profile. But in JAM classification not yet.
I do not know how to send a photograph here.

No it’s because you forgot the underscores in the first time you mentioned your name :grinning: and the name in the jam leaderboards will change once he sets a better time :+1:


Ok, gracias

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Hello birdshaw, sorry for all the hassle. I was wrong, I did not add the hyphens to the name.
This would be the change.
He already tells me something. Thanks again

I think I finally succeded

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