Lagging/buffering issue

Recently been having issues were it seems like I’m lagging or it’s buffering. Uninstalled game and tries reinstalling and it’s still doing. Any advice? Thanks

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I think it’s most likely a phone issue, both msmx2 and bmx2 have been running perfectly fine for me

I was wondering that. But I can close all apps and restart my phone and I get the same thing :thinking: btw I use a galaxy note 8

Just force closed and restarted my phone (which I had done before) and everything is good lol :+1:


I love this game :grinning:

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Is this bug Persistant?

Funny bug you found there! :thinking:
Of course we want to fix it, so I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions to help us with that.
Do you know how to recreate it?
Does restarting the game help?
What device did you play on when it happened?

  1. I think i started the app and went to Snapchat and went back! The game was not done loading and when i came back to the menu it was all fucked up

  2. I needed to restart the app and it went away so i had no more problems

  3. Curently im on a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

I see, thanks for taking the time to report this. It is much appreciated :grinning:

Same happened to me for MSMX2 I can’t even play it anymore it’s so bad