Joining a new clan

Hey guys just looking for some help. This is probably easier then i think but how can i get myself involved with a joining a clan?

Scroll through the threads in this forum and you will come across team sign up threads each if not all have basic requirements. Once accepted the team captain will have ur name changed and off ya go



join us in the TM_ Team.
Here you are welcome
TM_Your name and you will be in our Team.

How do i change my name? Not sure how to do that

In the name change.
I can do that for her

What is your current player name?
How would you like to have your name?
TM_your Name

Do i just change it on this forum? How does it change in the game?

@THR_Birdshaw can do that for you :+1:

Birdshaw will becomes informs about the changes.

There ya go dude. Easy. :metal: