JAM Track Thoughts and Analysis

What l is everyone’s thoughts on the last two tracks Sheepie and Backspace Rerun


I think Sheepie was better

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I liked Sheepie better too. It was a little too long but other than that kinda fun.
Three laps on the rerun sucked though.

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Didn’t you get top 20

Top 20 on which track?

Sheepie is what it sounds like. @WFO_SonicSpeed

Yeah Sheepie

Yep I got top 10 :wink:


Anyone wanna play “Just a second” to see who has the best time

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sure, what career thing is it AKA Novice, pro etc

It’s in Endurance

ok i will ty getting 1st in the world, my name is HDR_Ripps

You can’t like 16 people are glitch timers

But I’m in 6th without glitching

Aren’t you DTR_K1LL_Switch

yep how did you know?

From WFO_Krokus

ok anything he said about me is correct, whats your IGN?


ok, i dont think ive ever seen you before.