Its here! Its finally here! (Madskillz Merch)


Well said dutch. Dude chill no one said you HAVE to buy it i bought it because i wanted it and i love this game. @Blucru562 thats next on the list, and a onesie for my niece lol


Haha dude, i work out and drink beer, if i didnt drink beer i wouldnt have to work out But i love beer too :joy::joy:


@Rahuah wyd is your problem we were having a good talk then you come in complaining that we were forcing you to but stuff. Just chill man you dont have to buy anything. Im just trying to support these guys bc they made this game for us. And we have this so we can talk to other people who play the game and Im way more into this game then I ever was so just have fun man Its a game!




Got the hoodie sweet and a good price.
Typ2vw dont be hating on my sick name Birdshaw101:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Are these limited? I mean can you buy them whenever or just for a certain time?


Nah pretty sure u can buy them anytime off teespring.


Thanks dude



Kept me warm and dry at game 4!