Its here! Its finally here! (Madskillz Merch)


Drop a pic of your madskillz merch. if you dont have any order some!! Woooooooooop


At the gym bro? :v::muscle:


Yeah man. :metal::metal: at home now drinkn beer :grin::grin::grin:


I ordered one exactly like that but i forgott to check the shipping cost for international. Almost 12. So i cancelled my order. :sob::sob:


@THR_Jogga72 my dude i think i payed $42 AUD all up but its worth it man so stoked. Cant wait for the next comicon here im gunna rock the f*** out of it :grin::grin:


True true! :joy: I might reconscider and buy one anyway :sweat_smile:


Go for it man lol


Oh come on man!


where do you buy it lol?


Where do I buy it.


There you guys go! :grinning:


Thank you @THR_Dutchman



Im liking this one!


Ill just save up for this and premium rounds.


I suffer through enough of this games bag of BS. Now you want me to show L and buy merchandise too?

How about if tell you the same thing this game tells me more often than not.

If you dont like the sound of that, make a much needed change to the game for us. Otherwise you can just sit in your bag.


Dude be happy! Its a great game, just have fun playing it! There is a lot of games that are pay to win and I believe mad skills isnt really one, thats why I love it, anybody anywhere can grind for a month to get the best bike or around that long, and then be able to compete, you should be happy its not like other games that are very much pay to win.
Just have fun playing the game, march or not :+1::smile:


Jeeeeezus just go play a fucking different game like call of duty and be toxic with the other 12 year olds there if you dont like this game Wtf man seriously the turborilla crew probably put tons and tons of work into the game and its amazing If you dont like it just dont play it and dont be such a ***hole about it


Oh and noone told you to buy it I just posted that link for the people who did actually show some interest in it


Sorry to wad your panties Dutch. Wasnt trying to be toxic and I dont know why youd even feel the need to reply or single me out. But since you did, maybe you should go sew on one of those fail reset buttons and pimp it instead.