Is WFO accepting people

i never said i can join. i dont even play the game anymore. and vs is something completly different from jam. your level is not the thing that shows how good you are. and i think im speaking in behalf of most of the people here, could you just stop commenting on every single thread that exists and leaving totally useless shit in there


Ok cool, this is good because now we have a place to start from, I am a Christian as well, and I love to use fbombs as you call them, and lots of other so-called swear words, there is nothing in the Bible that forbids the use of derogatory terms, there is however cautionary dialogue throughout saying to always try your best to be respectful to one another, I try to be respectful with any and everyone, I am of course a human: an abundantly sinful being surrounded by billions of other abundantly sinful beings, living in an abundantly evil world, it is very hard at times to contain my anger towards another person given certain aggravating and enraging circumstances and situations, now…your comments asking to join wfo and not having proof you’ve gotten top 5 several times, BTW: everyone can go back to each previous jam week and see where you placed that week- -fact- -
I took that comment pretty harshly because I felt you were disrespecting wfo and all it’s players, and downgrading their efforts and accomplishments, it is very very hard to get a top 25 placement any jam week just once!! But you have to get top25 3 weeks in a row to be wfo!! It is a very honored and respected accomplishment, and when you nonchalantly ask to join but say there’s no proof(that’s bs)and then lie again saying you’ve been top 5 several times, when EVERYONE that tries every week, knows your lying because when you actually try harder n harder every week to get better, you are constantly scrolling up n down that leaderboard seeing who is doing better this week, anyway, I hope this helps you understand why I felt I needed to chastise you for doing such things

                                          Thanks  --ZEN-_-KraTzy

@WFO_Krokus74 hey man I was an idiot to lie to try and get into WFO, I will hopefully get my third top 25 in a row next week if all go’s well and was wandering if when I got proof if you would accept me into your Team. Thank You.


here is my proof down below @WFO_Krokus74 thank you for considering!

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Hmmmm, I gotta admit you doing fantastic in jams rn :+1: and Xavier possibly will accept you, but I’m wondering why you still wanna join another team when you started your own team?!? What I hear is DTR is coming together pretty nicely with some pretty fast players you got, I wouldn’t give that up to be on someone else’s team :man_shrugging: But I’m not trying to tell you what to do, I know WFO is known as the best of the best and would be hard to turn down the opportunity to join when you’ve met the requirements! But there again, a great player like you having their own team will definitely draw attention for more people wanting to join, idk bro tough choice


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What are these for

It’s supposed to be at the end of the week though, not the start.


Yeah @Thr_Dtr218 you have to be top 25 when the jam ends

that’s what i thought

Ok thanks guys

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just keep working at it bro, u definitely have the potential :+1:

Just to let you guys know we might be getting 100% gear on msm 2. I told joe and he said he knows the owner or the company I think and said he’ll look into it



I it just me or do these look poorly edited?

these what?

its not edited on here.

Hello WFO_Krokus74.

Can i join WFO Team?

i really want to join this team