Is WFO accepting people

How do I join WFO? If there accepting

Yes but it s really hard to get in…you should take a look with ZEN team or HDR

TM Team is also an option

How do I get in? If it’s open I’m down to meet the requirements :face_with_monocle:

Get top25 overall in jam 3 weeks in a row

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Do I just send proof in here?

@WFO_Krokus74 you asked me in a versus challenge a little while ago if I wanted to join WFO, so I asked Birdshaw if he would change it but he just said that you always just contacted him for name changes and didn’t do it so here’s my proof of top 25.

If I’m accepted can you change my name from GG_Sheeps to WFO_Sonicspeed please?

How long have you been playing sheep’s?

A year and a bit. I started sometime around week 290-295 I think.

Yeah I didn’t see you back in the days! We re both canadian so thats why I can easily see you . Hold on Sheep i will get back to you soon

I started playing when the Red Bull jam was going on. Idk what week that was

Hi guys just wondering if I could get accepted in WFO my in game name is currently SHMotorcycles and I’ve probably placed top 25 roughly 30-40 times so if you could allow me in could you change my name to WFO_Hurlz, thanks

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Sure man you deserve it!

Cheers mate appreciate it

@WFO_Krokus74 can I join WFO I don’t have proof but I’ve been top 5 in the world four to five times I can get Birdshaw to change my name if you accept me. my current name is THR_DTR218 Thanks!

I will need some proof, you been top5 a couple of time and I dont know your name at all :thinking: that weird honestly!

Its ok Krokus, ive never seen him in the game either, ive only seen him on this forum posting useless questions and comments, but hey heres just enough rope to hang yourself DRT TPD TURD or whatever your forgetful name is, if youve been in the top 5 several times like you say, getting in the top 25 the next 3 weeks should be a piece of cake for you, and heres a extra little gold nugget, if you actually do get in the top 25 the next 3 weeks, i will actually help you get that sex change op youve been wanting so long ya dried up cunty tampon troll

Lol im sorry Krok :grin: just cant stand trolls trying to waste everyones time


@KrazyT I don’t even know what a cunt is i’m 14 but i’m gonna guess it’s something bad seeing as how you dropped an Fbomb and i’m a christian if i was not and i did not know any better like you @KrazyT i would be thowing cuss words up you VJ :rofl:

Good day!