Is there going to be a MSM2 Bike 12?

I was customizing my bike earlier today when I noticed that all of the decals now say “ONLY FOR BIKE 11-12” or “ONLY FOR BIKE 8-12”. Does this mean there is going to be a bike 12 at some point? I would love to have another bike in the game to collect, even if it has the exact same stats as bike 11 and it just looks different. Honestly, that’s one of the attributes of this game I love most; having a challenge to complete and being rewarded with a sweet new look for my rider or my bike.


Yes there is going to be a new bike hear in a future update probably would u wana race on mad skills if u do my name is THR_Slush

Very observant, we got a regular Sherlock here!

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Thanks for the complement! :smile:

I wonder when the next update is going to come out for MSM2. Hopefully bike 12 will come with it too. I’m eager and excited to see what’s in store. Every day I’m checking the play store hoping to find an update for MSM2, lol.


Any news as to how much progress has been made towards developing bike 12?

Did you watch the world championships?

No, unfortunately. I haven’t had the time.

Sowwy, not allowed to tell.

Same bro

im confused lol :rofl:

can you tell us or at least spoil what will come out? maybe even some clues that the bike is genuinely boring me. Please​:joy::joy::joy::disappointed:

Yeah, you would think we’d at least get some confirmation or communication regarding bike 12. Or just some communication about what they are planning in general for the game. I’ve gotten tired of checking the app store for updates with nothing to gain from it. Communication with the community is important when you are developing a game/creating content for a game. If anyone knows where I can find updates of their plans for the game please let me know where to go.

They DID confirm during the world championship that theres gonna be a bike 12 :sweat_smile: its still in beta so no set release date.

They do streams on their twitch and usually the updates are announced on there too:

Also feel free to join discord sometimes they ask for opinions on there too (but the useless talk we do is fun too :grin:), link is in this topic:


Awesome! Glad to hear it. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it :grin:

Do now the update, i can’t wait to use it at Red Bull event😀

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Bike 12 is an absolute monster…best $10 I’ve spent in a while! I know you can unlock it for free in a week but I couldn’t wait lmao… It feels great, highly recommend not waiting a week for it and just buying it :facepunch:t4::fist:t4::dash::dash: