Is there ever going to be a Kindle update

Is the kindle App Store ever going to get any new updates? Like using it for the big screen. Was nice but being stuck with only bk7 sure does suck.

Was not to bad at first as the top bike then was 8 and I could do ok. Some how managed to get the red bull helmet. Luckily just a few weeks before bk9 came out then 10 then 11. Lol. Was all over from there and I just looked silly casing triples in tier 7 with my Red Bull helmet.

Got me one of them new cornputer phones a few months ago. Nice to have bk11 now but I noticed none of my time attack times were transferred over from the kindle. So I guess it’s not a big deal but dang was it nice having that big screen.

Dang I feel the struggle dude I started playing on kindle when the game came out then got to jam 1 then bike 8-10 I stayed there then when 11 came out I could only stay in 3 it’s pretty cool tho. I remember when I was why the heck are these guys goin so much faster than me lol because there bikes are displayed as a bike 7 then I looked up vids on YouTube and found out there where new bikes coming out


So it was shown as bike 7 Lmfao. I would of been like robots

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lol. I was pretty quick but never really knew about scrub in and leaning forwards off the start. So I started racing jam a lot more one day and thought leaning forwards off the start gave you turbo for the rest of the race or something :joy::joy::joy:… and then came YouTube… and then came my Iphone lol and here I am now


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Holy crap thats different :joy: before they even had vs mode

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And yet still no update! Haha.

Speaking only for myself here I super highly doubt they’ll update it

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No big deal. Was just wondering. Now that I have this I phone I have not even turned the Kindle on. Just miss the big screen.

Same here forgot about the main screen though​:joy::joy::joy:

That amazon version…

Basically it’s a no users => no love. Even when we was featured it wasn’t really worth the trouble.

The good thing is that Fire OS is basically just android so as far as I know you can install Google Play and download and play the normal android msm2 version on it. You might not get the dynamic perspective-feature you have on a Fire Phone but I doubt that’s more important than bike 8+.