Is There a Renewed Bug

I just got the 2.8.0 update in MSMX2 and now my game loads and goes away like other users did back in Feb. What’s up?

I have the same issue

The crashing is a known bug this update, to fix it just deleting and reinstalling the game should work

Mine is crashing as well as soon as it opens with the update.

If I delete it don’t I loose all my stuff

If you are connected to a facebook or twitter account you can just log into that same account again and all your stuff will be there again

What about google? Or is it only Facebook or Twitter

I deleted but I can’t get my account back anymore:(

Are you sure you logged into the same social media account? If you did and still werent able to restore your stuff youre gonna need some help from a developer

I went to mad skills and on Jam I saw my other account on there and I was like wtf

But I can’t find anyway to get back to it

image that my account but I can’t get to it :cry:

Shiiiit maybe if by any chance you have another social media account that you possibly linked to mad skills try that…if not i suggest you just send a support ticked through the game explaining the situation so the devs can help you out

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Well I linked it to Game Center but is Game Center around anymore? But if I can’t get it back at all… I’M DONE with it. I’ll just wait for mad skills mx 3. Cause I’ll just get more sad and pissed that I don’t have it anymore. I don’t want to work for it all again. I had Red Bull helmet and gold frame. But not anymore

Can you guys maybe put all my stuff on the other account to this new account?

Yeah im having the same problem too after just updating, should i just wait for the next update or delete the app and hopefully get someone on the dev team to help?

Thank you.

Game Center (Can’t tell what username) or Facebook was used to create that account.

As Facebook only allows one account per user (Read their Terms of Use ^^* ), you shouldn’t have an issue using Facebook.

Just delete the app and install it. Then just login via your Social Media. Sometimes Game Center gets disabled on some phones and you have to turn it back on.

I’m having the same issue. It crashes when I try and open it. Should we wait for another update ? I’m scared to delete the game and start over.