Ipod/Ipad for Cash Jam?

I had a shitty old ipod touch for cash jams but the screen is so small it’s hard to play. I am looking at getting a used ipad mini 2 with apples a7 processor. Does anybody use this? Does it lag? should i spend more and get an ipad mini4 with apple’s a8 processor?

Thanks guys,

I had a mini 2, it lagged so bad It was pretty much unplayable. Now I have a mini 4 and that works well.

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i played a bit on my ipad mini2 and did’nt find any lag problems

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ive talked to some people irl. they said it was not bad, maybe yours had other stuff running using up more cpu.

It was new out of the box.
But yeah, ios devices seem to be hit or miss if they are laggy or not so other 2’s might work, idk

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