Introducing the Turboceptor bike skin

In our coming update (version 2.3.0), we’ll be introducing a new cosmetic bike skin that can be applied to the 9 and 10 motorcycles called The Turboceptor. It will not affect performance in any way. Here’s what it looks like:

It’s sort of a post-apocalyptic look, and it’s the first fantasy-style thing we’ve added to Mad Skills Motocross 2. (We had plenty of stuff like this in the first game, and in Mad Skills BMX 2.)

What are your thoughts on having options like this in Mad Skills games?


As long as this fantasy style doesnt go too far with Hello Kitty and Minecraft bikes Im fine with it :smile:


I have an awesome idea for some skins. What about Hello Kitty or Minecraft? :)grinning:


I like the new skin!!! looks sweet. I’ll buy it for sure!

I definitely think we should have more options like this in mad skills 2. Reminds me of themas skills 1 days : )

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Definitely like that design :slight_smile:

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This is the coolest bike ever - Kinda MAD MAXish


Glad you like!

Ask à few ama teams if you can use
There decals and looks?? That would be Nice


will it be affected by color changes?

You can still change the wheel color, and rider color, but the bike color is locked whilst using the skin.

So that’s going to be the new bike to kill the walking deads!! or maybe escape from them…


I like random stuff like this. You should add stupid helmets like pumpkins and sloths wrapped around your head.


I have been wondering if that would ever be a possibility? To add to this i have been always thinking it would be cool to have some throwback skins for the bikes. Like peak antifreeze bikes, old school pro circuit split fire bikes, moto xxx, etc… they dont have to be spot on or have the actual logos maybe just the color schemes, or something similar to give it that look. I understand if its a licensing issue. But i think this would be a huge hit with all the msm2 players!

  • also remember the wonder warthog privateer riders who wore the capes when they rode? That would be a sweet addition, something like that.


Good stuff! I sure do remember the Wonder Warthog team, started by Steve Kandell. They actually bought the rights to that character from the original cartoonist.

I am really surprised no one suggested a Zombie rider with no helmet who’s body parts scatter upon a hard landing or crash! LOL

Now that would be fun just to see how far you can spread his body parts over a big crash using rockets! LOL

Sorry, i kinda went twisted there! I digress!


Cool idea – we actually did a zombie in Mad Skills MX 1. Maybe we’ll add one to MSM2, or to the next MX game. This fantasy stuff isn’t for everybody, but some people like it for sure.

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I agree, i have no interest in the apoco-bike, BUT the zombie parts flying through the air does interest me a little! LOL

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Fine with it but it costs money;(