Introducing the TEAM CHALLENGE!

I think the winner of this team event should receive a one of a kind team helmet

i think top ten shud get gloves ,that way every team member will get a mad skill souvenir :wink: Cause i want one :wink:

@DemonikStorm Yo wzup :smile:
You got me all wrong, all teams are ofc welcome!
I didnt recognize your name, thats all. The more teams join in, the more fun we have :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see you guys in there soon.

Birdshaw gave you a good reply too I see.

@Irc_Durrani Alright, I see.

So how do we even determine who wins the challenge? I mean just looking at the top player i think we all know TCR will win… But that doesn’t mean that some of us don’t kick some of TCR members asses :grinning:

Or do we just play for fun and not pick a winner at the end of the round?

I think the latter.

The oldest player with the highest finish wins

I call biggest asshole wins. Its a toss up between me, @THR_Dutchman and @LesterWire.


Haha you’ll win that for sure mr grandmofo!!! :+1::joy:

Yes @THR_Dutchman we do this for the fun of it.
Dont listen to your stepdad Birdshaw

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I think we can all agree that you are the biggest asshole :joy::joy::joy: i might come close though but you’ll win :joy: btw why on earth do you have TSR prez in your titles!!!

Idk man. I guess I’m TSR prez now.

Watch out guys

creo que es una pelea por el ultimo lugar

Yeah it’s gonna be rough alright.

C’mon kip! are u seriously gonna take last position? Fight! Man! Fight! :joy:
Unless your’e already doing your best​:thinking: Then i say keep up the good work​:+1::grinning:

Problem is, actually, that when the two Cocorians(?) get cracking, your time is too fast.

I’m having an issue where I switch to the island and at some point within the next day, I get switched back to the USA. Is anyone else having this problem? I’d be first in California right now and I’d love to see that on the leaderboards :joy:

That might occure if you’re playing on more than one device.

I’m not the simplest.
Will not be the worst in this race.
Is fun …

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