Introducing the TEAM CHALLENGE!

I shall keep last place nice and warm fellas haha. This is gunna be awesome

But just imagine what those two dudes that actually play from there will think. Move over chumps the madskillz nitro circus is in town :metal::metal::metal:

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Them guys are on bike 3 and will be starstruck :slight_smile:

Yours truly, Skipketer

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Honestly, guys! Are you even trying? CMON!

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Lawd have merthy on your retarded soul

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C’mon birdshaw :blush:

But you aint number one in the World.

This was an idea of @TCR_Elvis_PR so all creds to him, and zero for @THR_Birdshaw :slight_smile:

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I have creds coming out of my ass anyway.

An Idea is so fragile and everyone has them. It’s the guys that make them real that will take the cred, cause they have earned it​:joy: Thats reality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fantastic job! Well done! No one else could have made this happened! A fucking mazzzzzing😂

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If I change after setting a time, do I lose my time? I’m assuming I have to set a new time in the new country but what happens with the time I already sent and whatnot?

First of all, what team are you in?
And no. Nothing ever happens to your time. It will, however, not register in your new region before you improve your time.


Team members ONLY
Otherwise the whole thing is pointless.

@Irc_Durrani are you with the Jokerz? If yes, why is your name your whatsapp number instead of like the rest of the team?

@Kipketer So unless I’m on THR or TCR you don’t want me to participate? Me and my friend have our own team at work and we were gonna join and whoop your asses for thinking you are untouchable but I guess only the mainstream allowed.

Oh no. All teams are elligable. So far we have THR, TCR, TSR and JOKERZ in there. There are a few more teams out there and they are all welcome. The difference is that they have all been established through the forum at some point.
But if you have a team, let’s hear it.

BPE_ names were changed, we’ll show up at some point in there :wink:

Who changed your names? Why didn’t you just get me to do it?

@TSR_SamMeci_SD We will bro :slight_smile:

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@Kipketer Afcourse JOKERZ team will be playing, my name is temporary changed as im trying to contact another player for wats app mad skills mx india group