Introducing the TEAM CHALLENGE!


Calling all teams! Next round will be the first team challenge if you’re all up for it.
We, THR and TCR, would like all players with a team tag to change your country to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. That country has no Mad Skills action so if we all move there, it will be only teamsters there, making comparing times much easier. After the round is done we all go our merry way, and return to our respective countries.
We are hoping for as much support for this as possible.

Team Challenge Against Teams

And to change your location, just go to your profile and simply click the flag :slight_smile:





@TSR_SamMeci_SD get your teammates too!!!


lo hare tambien




what about trabrucio team


Jokerz Team @Irc_Durrani get your teammates too


Ready to Jam!!


Dammit Ethan! Get yourself some avatars!:grinning:



Super Idee, ich bin dabei …


Perjudica en algo a la hora de cambiar el país , pregunto por el tema de reglas del juego y de cash jam .
No bloquearan cuentas por esto no ?
Un saludo a todos :fist:t4::facepunch:t4::dash::dash:


@JoeW723 any problem if change of country. With cash games ?


No. Cash games are separate from regular jam.


Great idea, Im in!
This way I know Im going to suck this week :expressionless:

Do we have a chat in cocoaislandian set up?


And even if there was a problem, just skip cash for a week :slight_smile:


Ha ha :joy: Skip cash 4 a week ha ha :joy:
You are so funny Kip​:+1::joy:


This will be awesome, now I’m gonna do some serious grinding on jam.:+1::blush: can’t wait.


Funny guy, ‘skipketer’ :stuck_out_tongue: