Introduce yourself, yo!


Hey, my name is Austin, and I’m from Nuevo, California. I used to play MSMX1 all the time. I started playing MSMX2 the day it came out because my mom tagged me in the facebook post haha. I remember when there was no Jam and there were just 3 career subjects. I ride dirtbikes too, a 2003 RM125. I love riding, my house is a riding paradise. I open up my garage and there is a track in my front yard, and there are tons of hills right next to my house. Well, there’s a little info on me and how I came into the Mad Skills world.


Again, welcome, Austin. This is the place to be if you want to be in the loop on our coming games, including BMX 2 and another MX game.

Also, your mom rocks!

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Random OT smalltalk from various threads

Hey guys, my name is Alwin I’m from the Netherlands, 24 years of age. Been playing madskills mx 2 from the 1st week because I seen a lot about the game on vurbmoto. My in game name is cREED22 barely play the weekly jams I have fun in versus mode. but I’ll just put in a lap every week now so in a couple of weeks I will be in division 1, currently div 9. euhm I been riding dirtbikes for 20 years now. Chad Reed is da man! I follow both AMA mx/sx & the GPs closely and hope to visit a lot of GPs this year starting of with Valkenswaard. Herlings & Cairoli will take back what’s theirs this year.
And maybe some will remember me from Reflex as PRO_MX_GOON…
edit: of most influence on my life is Crohns disease for the past couple of years, since my last surgery makes it painful to ride so starting looking for sports that are less hard on my body. Been kickboxing for some years now but I am looking to switch to boxing now when Im healthy enough to do so anyways. Still can’t stay away for motocross you will always see me at the track, and I ride maybe 8 to 10 times a year can’t life without it. I’d like to add I am a huge mx/sx MMA and kickboxing fan watch motoGP Formula1 endurocross arenacross tour de france and darts.

much love, #22 <3 :smirk::wink:

Random OT smalltalk from various threads

I came across MSMX2 on the Play Store because I was looking for a Motocross game. I have tried several other games and was disappointed. Being a former motocross racer, I immediately liked this game. It’s challenging and constantly changes. I haven’t been playing that long but am already in the top 10% and have a pretty decent win/loss record of close to 1100 wins and 640 losses. I really enjoy the versus mode and playing against players all over the world. Every time I play I have a hard time putting it down. It’s so addictive!! It’s by far the best game I have ever played. Turborilla’s support is excellent too! I had a couple açcount issues that Joe fixed for me on a weekend and got me back in the game. I look forward to improving my skills to challenge the best. I will get there!!

I am player DEFTEK67, BTW

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What up all, I’m Wyatt. Sorry I’m slow to the party, been having a little trouble with understanding this forum and the access to it, but I’m getting it figured out.

I’ve been apart of the MS crew since around the launch of MSMX1, built countless tracks for all 3 games, played more time than my wife cares to admit, and enjoy working with everyone.

I was on a bicycle nonstop from about age 3 till maybe mid 20’s unless I was laid up. Raced mx for about 10yrs before spending some time in a wheelchair and decided to walk away. Stayed in touch though through friends who turned riding and racing into careers. I still ride from time to time, and love to go rip on my pitbike when I get a chance. Also raced mountain bikes and road bikes for the last 10yrs or so, and the younger version of myself would have kicked my own ass for owning spandex but hey… Oh well.

I run a software company during the days now that caters to the oilfield, and love going rockcrawling with my jeep.

I’m on most social medias under skrach77 or 77outfitters- find me.

Thanks for keeping me around all these years now, and I look forward to more mad skills testing.


Hi. Chris from South Africa. North West area

Been playing the game for around a week and I’m totally hooked to say thr least. Looking forward to some versus challengers. Feel free to invite me

Username CoBALT_


Stoked you’re back, Wyatt!

Welcome, Chris! And did you play BMX 1 as well?


No never played it before


Hey yo,my name is Jeff (Ghostrider86)
I haven’t been on a forum in a while, you used to find me on the AF1 Aprilia forum, WERA, Dirt Rider, RCshortcourse, Focus forum, Focaljet, Kyosho forum, RcTech, and if you are really old and really into dirt bikes i was on the Rec.motorcycle.dirt news group! LOL

I used to browse all of those forums because i participated, raced MX (i was as good as i ever was) , Rode most of the road racing tracks in the south east as a Sport Bike Track time lead instructor.
I raced my focus in SCCA Autocross, and have raced RC Cars/trucks since 1990.
I 've owned more motorcycles than pairs of underwear, not sure if thats a good thing for the people around me! LOL

No motorcycle riding currently, i spend most of my time with my 4 kids and an amazing wife who all keep me busy, i’ll ride again some day! LOL

I have to work out my competitive needs playing MSMX2 every day.

My usually amount of play time is about 1-2 hours a day. Jam week 108 i decided to see how far i could push my score up! I spent more hours than i will admit playing jam tracks (sorry verses friends) and ended up 440 in the world!! My weekly jam average is usually about 3500 in the world so that was a big jump for me!

Keep up the good work, i have never played a game this long in my life, i am on year 4-5 now! wow!

Oh and i saw this game on Racerxill , i have been following those guys since the beginning of the Color Mag!
Davey signed my copy at the Charlotte SX at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1998!!


I’m Juan Pablo, from Bolivia. I played msmx pretty much since it’s beginning (2011). And msbmx and msmx2 since the day they were released. Since I’ve got married and got two kids. Now I may not be as active as once in jams and vs. But reached a good position and try to keep it every now and then.
Recently joined the beta testing team and am happy about it.


Welcome to the forum Jeff, it’s good to have some new faces!
My username is TCR_Steve_OX, and we’re glad to have ya


Yo Steve, I see you have’nt introduced yourself yet. Take care of it :wink:


Well here it goes… My name is Steve, I live in Massachusetts in the u.s.
I’ve been playing msmx2 since right around this time last year. I have a wife and a 4 year old sun and I currently am a construction foreman, primarily insulation and weatherization. I just became a beta tester and really enjoy being involved in helping out with all things turborilla. I’ve never raced dirt bike but I like to ride for fun and hope to get my son involved in it someday. I try to stay pretty active in the forum and keep myself sharp in msmx2. My username is TCR_Steve_OX and I look forward to chatting with everyone here​:metal:t4::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah, my buddy kept trying to get me to play msmx2 and I told him I wasn’t interested until one day he couldn’t beat a career track and asked for my help…lets just say it was on from then on!!!


Ha! I remember RMD!

Yeah, you really are old – still calling it Racerxill!

Welcome to the beta team! :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’ll look forward to your feedback on our Spanish translations.

That’s awesome, @Steve-ox!


Hi folks, time to introduce myself!
My name is Michael, I’m from Germany and I play the greatest game ever since two years. I found MSM while searching a game i played in good old DOS-times. I don’t remember the name, but at the beginning of the '90 this game was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
Best rank I had in MSM was 77 (I was a bit lucky :slight_smile: )and normaly I’m between 150 to 300. I’m playing on an IPadMini, I bought only for playing this game (my girlfriend goes berserk). Last year I had to pause the game, cause my ischia nerve hurts a lot. It was no good idea to play 8-10 hours a day with my brandnew pad, lol!
CU at the forum and please excuse my horrible english!
P.S.: Many greetings to @Kipketer


Finally you made your entrance, I’ve been naggin you in the Versus chat for soooo long now :smile:

Hope to see more of you on here :slight_smile:


Welcome @KidM66 to the forum!! 8-10 hours a day!!! That’s awesome!!!


Hello! I live in NE Georgia and have been playing MSMX2 for quite awhile now. I’ve played video games my entire life, and that includes excitebike :wink: I started playing when a buddy of mine at work showed me the game. I’m the 3D draftsman for a cnc machining and fabrication shop, he runs a cnc lathe in the shop. We compete for top times in Georgia as well as trying to get a top time in the world. I’m interested in getting involved in various aspects of the game and community and would love to get to design tracks some day. I’ve had thoughts and hopes of being able to create tracks for a long time now, and found out that it may be possible eventually! That is my ultimate goal here :smiley: