Introduce yourself, yo!

Hey, thanks for joining our new forum! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the Mad Skills community on Discourse. Tell us whatever you’re comfortable sharing: how you came to play Mad Skills, where you’re from, what your hobbies are, what you hope to get out of this community… Whatever you want!

I’ll start. I’m Bryan, and I’ve been working on Mad Skills in many different ways since it was first brought to mobile. I had nothing to do with the creation of the original desktop game, though. That was all @tobias and @peter. :slightly_smiling:

I live in West Virginia, in the USA. I love music, reading, and watching sports (including basketball, American football, and of course motocross and supercross).

I’m really looking forward to the development of this community!

I’m Andy. I picked up MSMX very early on in its iOS release and played so many hours I couldn’t even begin to think. Continued playing through the small free app and MSBMX. Signed up to become a beta tester for MSMX2 and have been doing that just over 2 years now and can’t wait to test BMX2. I’m from Illinois, not Chicago area lol, and lived here my whole life. I am currently engaged and will be getting married in Sept of this year. Huge fan of moto/supercross and sport the 22 on my bike in MSMX2 for my boy Chad Reed.


What a success story he’s been so far this season, especially considering the turmoil of his off-season!

Glad to have you here, Andy. :slight_smile:

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Hello my name is Ryan Caffey, I live in Southern California and got hooked on mad skills motocross 1 when it first came out!! I quit playing halo basically and now just play mad skills :laughing: I’m married and have 4 kids. I’m really into supercross/motocross. I don’t ride bikes anymore though. I like baseball (Dodgers) a lot. I’m into snowboarding with my kids and also Jiu Jitsu with them also.

I’m excited to see a msm forum. It will be fun to talk to all the racers as a group of friends!!

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My name is Anders, Im Swedish. Born in the mid 80’s.

I actually dont remember how I got over this lovely game, but I think it must have been something like this:
Got hooked on MSMX2 when I first downloaded it for my son on his tablet. He didnt like it but I did, lol.

I raced the shit out of the entire game and thats what took me to where Im at right now.
Been a beta tester since January, 2016.
Never paid a penny for anything in the game, so as you understand there is paranormal hours behind my grinding!
Im lucky the rest in my house are still with me :smile:

Im not a gamer at all, if you dont count Wordfued.
This game is the only game I ever played on my device, wich btw is a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Im pretty active on the Madskills fanpage on Facebook, and thats where I first met the ugly danish dude Birdshaw, and we started race and chat.
From there on I met quite a few other racers who Im now interacting and racing with.

Thats it for me.
End/Wall of text/

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Thanks for the intro, Ryan! We’ll be stoked for you to continue to be a part of our community, man!

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For sure. I was so mad with the AMA basically killing his team during the motocross season because of the GoPro deal they signed. Glad to see he landed on his feet and is racing harder then ever.

Liar! I made you buy 8 rounds of premium once!

Stoked to have you in this community, Anders! You’ve made our Facebook presence better, and I know you’ll do the same here on Discourse. :slight_smile:

That’s true, but that was after I already grinded myself to all the items.
The reason I finally bought 8 rounds was, beside your daily nagging, to race the top jammers and to see what line they took.

Sorry for OT. Why dont you introduce yourself instead @Birdshaw :wink:

My name is Jens. I’m from Denmark and I have a wife and two kids. I’m a teacher by Trade and a joker by nature. I’ve been playing since T2 of MSMX 1 and I have played every single round of jam.
I’ve met a few people through Mad Skills not least of which is Kipketer, who is now the bane of my existence.
I try to be very active on the Facebook page, and I will also try to be at least as active on discourse.

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I’m really excited to have you in this community too, Jens!

Hey guys, I’m Dave, been on the beta team since the first day of testing MSM2 and have absolutely been loving the game and the beta community, although work has taken me out of massive testing for a couple months. Speaking of work, I am a freelance cinematographer, getting my start in action sports shooting my buddies and I racing moto and snowboarding etc, and ended up working my way into the industry full time.

Needless to say, I have logged may hours on this game between scenes and lunch breaks lol. Looking forward to the next step in testing here.

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Glad you’re still around, Dave!

I’m Tony. I’ve been hooked on this game since the desktop version. Been fortunate to be a beta tester since the first MSMX on iOS.
I live in Colorado. Dirt bikes are pretty much my life. Used to race now I just ride for fun. I am around the Moto industry quite a bit thanks to Novik and Mantis United. It’s cool to be around the industry and see how much fun this game brings to everyone who plays whether they ride or not. Stoked on what’s to come and glad to still be part of the team.

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I’m Joe, aka joemamasofast. I’ve been playing msm since the original. Mainly killing time in my college classes. I’ve since taken on multiple roles at Turborilla including all track duties and customer service (with the help of my wife, Laura).
Outside of Turborilla I’m a full time ICU nurse, I enjoy cycling, shooting guns and snowboarding.

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I’m Brian aka godwin39. I’m 39 and live in Iowa. I first got into MadSkills because of an article Bryan wrote in the back of an issue of RacerX saying it was basically the best game ever. So, I played the desktop version a fair bit. Then I was super bummed when everyone was playing on their iPhones and I couldn’t play on my Droid. Now I’m playing daily.

I raced for 20+ years, but then I moved from the farm to the city and couldn’t find any places to ride. So, these days I’m more of an intense pit bike rider and racer since there are more pit bike tracks close by. MX is definitely my life’s passion. Whether its riding, playing this game, listening to podcasts or reading some article, I’m pretty much doing something with MX in my free time. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this team, and hope to provide some value.

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I’m Ben from Oklahoma and looking to relocate to Fort Myers. I beta tested MSMX2 and am looking forward to testing MSBMX2 because I race bmx and am part of the industry. Thanks for another awesome opportunity.

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We’re excited to have all of you guys as part of our community.

We really need to get more female players involved!