Initial Impressions of this Forum Platform

Most of you have had at least a couple of days to get this gist of this forum platform. It’s definitely a bit different than traditional forum platforms.

Thoughts so far?

I like it Bryan. It feels more interactive and intuitive to me.

And, if there is a mobile app on the way, that is helpful also.

The biggest thing I’m missing from the mobile site is mobile notifications. I want notified if I get a direct message, for example.

I actually really like it. It’s very easy to navigate and the menu bar in the corner gives a very nice view of what’s going on and where. And it’s only a matter of time before an app is made.

You can choose to recieve an e-mail as a notification. I turned it off, however, as my inbox was spammed with mesages within minutes.


Yeah, I know. What I would ultimately want is to get a mobile notification when I get a DM, and no notifications otherwise. Then I would see Slack as having no benefit over Discourse for beta management.

Same here.

Very user friendly in the sense that it doesnt take months to get a grip of things.

Easy to navigate and get an overview.

The highlight - and - quote function is neat, logic and simple to use.

Agreed … especially if you’re wanting to quote multiple people in one post. This function will make this process extremely simple.

Case in point:

[quote=“gmxmoto, post:8, topic:82, full:true”]
Same here.
[/quote]Took 1 second ^

Took 1 more second ^

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Yea the forum is growing on me. I do miss having the mobile notifications, and find myself using it on my computer more simply because it’s slightly easier than the mobile version, but overall I feel it’s going to be better than slack hands down once the app is out.

Look at the little (1) by the turborilla logo. That means I have 1 notification. I created a homescreen shortcut, but alas the notification doesn’t carry to that :frowning:

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@betatesters – just a heads up that we have removed the lock-down on this forum. Anybody who comes here can register and use the forums. I’m not going to announce it on MSM social media yet, as I’d like to get some more activity going first if possible.

Feel free to invite anybody you’d like to enjoy our new community!

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Even though there is a lot going on here it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Much more appealing than the last forum set-up.

For the most part I’m good with it. Something happened with this thread though that it didn’t show up until 8 hours after it was created for me even though I’ve got other notifications and posts throughout the day. I think we’ll have some success with this though especially if it goes app at some point.

Just an idea. Is it possible to advertise the new forum on the game app? If so EVERYONE will see it :+1:

Or even have a link to it like one of these at the top. That way it would be super easy to jump right to the forum from playing the game.

@rcboxer Great way of spreading the word! I think in game ads would do so much for this community.
Me and @Birdshaw talked about the exact same thing so we’re behind this suggestion aswell :smiley:

Yeah, it’s easy, and we’ll definitely do it soon. We’ll do the same thing for the new Twitch channel @OnTheFrontLine has been running. We’ll do the latter this Thursday, assuming the stream is going to happen as planned.

Yeah I’ll be streaming Thursday’s as normal unless some unforeseen circumstances pop up which they shouldn’t. Same time and place :slightly_smiling:

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