In App Purchases Question

If i were to buy an in app purchase on an android device, would i be able to get it on ios as well or vice versa?

@JoeW723, @hyarion

I think all purchases follows your username no matter what device you’re on

well google sent me a free 4 dollars to use on the play store but i wanted the turboceptor decals :cry:

We sync all iaps, otherwise we would get so much hate mails from people switching between android <-> iOS xD

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I wish we didn’t have to buy the turbocepter…there should be a way to unlock it like everything else.

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maybe an all star level unlock? @devs @hyarion

The Turboceptor is left as an IAP just like premium and track packs. Gotta make some o dem greens to keep the wheels running.


at least a discount for having a certain level? haha

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It’s a premium item. Feel free to buy it if you want, or don’t if you don’t think it’s worth the money. It’s up to you.
But I know you want it… So just go and buy it already :wink:

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i only have $4 :frowning2:

Is not supported by google, wanted to test whether that is worthwhile.

@JoeW723 or @rcboxer can you help me?
Buy a monthly package of tracks. In the purchase says that it will be automatically charged every 3 months, I buy the pack but I just want it to be activated whenever I want

What do you mean activated whenever you want? They should activate on the 1st of every month.

Ok. where ever i want this. i activate. Thx @JoeW723