Important announcement! (April fools)

Due to the rising ammount of posts in here, which is awesome, your mods @Kipketer and I have come to a turning point. We can no longer keep up with the rising demands, and as each of our personal lives have become busier, we have no choice but to step down as mods. Therefore new positions have opened up. We will be needing four new mods to lead and shape the forum as we have done in the past year.
The job as mod is not an easy task, but it also has its rewards. For instance the position comes with a life time of free premium for all of Turborilla’s games.
If you wish to become one of the new forum mods please send your application complete with past modding experience, motivation for applying and ties to the Mad Skills community to


Yeah right😂 1:st of april😂

Enchanted by the news, I hope to be of great help

Sad to see you go, Birdshaw and Kipketer. There must be an age requirement, but I’ll see if I can wiggle in to the position.

Happy april fools

Lol I hate you @THR_Birdshaw <3


I don’t know whether not I should trust you, it being the day that it is.


Dude, you should never trust me.

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