I'm officially the new user of the month. Ask me anything


AMA time guys. Don’t be shy.


I have a question… If there’s 2 new user of the month awarded each month, how is there 9 people with the badge? :grinning: unless I’m really dumb 2 each month can’t turn into an odd number all of a sudden :joy:


The user obviously deleted his or her account. Easy. Next question!


Congrats and welcome monthly n00bz0r! I don’t really have any questions but I feel obligated to warn you. If you hang around this place too long you’ll most likely break out with a nasty case of JoeBumps, which if unchecked will quickly progress into a serious case of L00pitis. Researchers are working on a cure but right now it only treats the symptoms but not the cause.


I appreciate your concern, but THR_PALMSPRING thrives… actually needs Joebumps to survive. Also, it’s America and I’ll hangout wherever I want to :us:


How did you get that good time on the 1st jam track :+1::grinning: I need some tips


I just tapped go, let go of my phone, and let Jesus take over.


So how does being new user of the month make you feel? Got anyone to thank?


Just a few of my sponsors. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, my gf for being there for me even when I’m not there for here. Alden Baker420 for helping get in the right state of mind. God… All my friends who believed in me. Turborilla for giving me the platform to shine and really reach my potential. @OnTheFrontLine for keeping me on my toes and keeping me humble. There’s a shit ton of people that I’m leaving out, but you guys know who you are :call_me_hand:


:clap: that’s a true champion speech right there! @palmspring


This is amazing :joy::joy::joy:


You definitely deserve this badge, @palmspring . :joy:

So other than scrubs and throwing down heaters, what is a hobby that takes up a lot of your time?