If you guys dont ban these hackers im honestly gonna stop playing

Sucks to spend time getting top 10 and getting shit on by these hackers.

Lol :joy:

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Holy hell guess who’s back with the shit talking
:joy: dude they’re working on fixing it… They’re trying to ban all the hackers one by one already… In fact they even released a new version of the game JUST to fix this issue… Now those people are still running the old version so soonish they’ll probably have to force people to update the game so just be patient :+1:
But if you can’t handle it feel free to stop playing i don’t think anyone really cares and it’s not gonna fix the problem either :joy:


As @THR_Dutchwoman said they ate working on a fix that will obsolete the old versions that allows the hack/bug.
The reason all the “offenders” arent banned right away is that a fair bit of them are actually innocent victims of a bug.
But dont worry. We’ll get there. We always do.

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How am i shit talking? You mean being frustrated, atleast I hope. And if you don’t care then why spend 5 minutes writing a comment on my post :confused:



Yeah okay being frustrated kinda makes sense but threatening to stop playing is kinda taking it a bit far :thinking: anyways I just wrote that reply to hopefully make you understand that the guys over at turborilla are already doing whatever they can to fix this :slight_smile:


Awwww maaaaaaan…

??? :thinking:

I had my popcorn out