I want to Become beta tester

Was once a beta tester how do i get that back? Also if possible would love to get the design track ability if not that truely understand the guys doing now are doing awesome jobs

Contact Turborilla :slight_smile:
Im not sure if they’re looking for more testers at the moment but send them a message anyway.
Bryan visit the forum so I suggest a private message to him.

Have you visited the thread on the forum where you can sketch and design tracks and maybe have them made if they’re good enough?

The title was a little confusing, it looked like the Devs were making an offer to become testers. So I changed it

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I just want my beta back lol

How do I become beta tester on msbmx2?
And how to create tracks?

Necromancy isn’t nice. However, we are currently filled with track creators. As for Beta-testing, we do ask from time to time, but being active on our Discord or forum is usually a good way to be noticed enough to get asked in the next round of beta-testers.

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