Hydrogen 2019gear back?

How can I get the fly hydrogen 2019 gear because it is in my shop and I have not got it yet is there any way I could get it ?

I thought the same thing but you can’t get it because that event ended a long time ago.

If I am in 200th place do you think I could get it?but where it would say percent NOTHING IS There so how would any body get

That kit was only up for grabs during the event last year so it’s not possible to unlock now.

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Then why is it in the shop could you make it available so we can get so why is it in the shop in the first place?

Is there any possible way to get it?

What week was the fly event?


The Fly Hydrogen isn’t available anymore.

Because we usually have all items when testing and one of the devs accidentally broke the code hiding that item away. It should be gone again soon.

Ok thank you for telling me I was confused why it was there