How to unlock bike 5?

Another very common question on Facebook is how to unlock bike #5

Most people have problems understanding goals #3and goal #4.

#3 Time Attack Braap on National leaderboard.
Go to Play Career / Time Attack and click on your country’s flag. Race an opponent from your national leaderboard.

#4 Finish a Jam race 3 days in a row.
The description says it all.

What is it that makes people that confused?
Lacking english or fuzzy description of how to reach the goals?


Just make sure for Time Attack Braap that you race on the national leaderboard, the one with your countries flag icon.

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Good call, Joe. I edited the original post and clarified that.

Hello. I can not open mototsykol number 5. some problem with ihroyu !!! help budlasa

Look above^^

That doesn’t explain anything

Hey men :slight_smile:
What do you you need to have explained?