How to scrub consistently?


so basically its not the double tapping that does it… its the early tap only lol. I then prolly miss the second up tap which made me think the double tap worked. rhis is what I understand from what you say


don’t ask me anything im a total noob :open_mouth:. I just found out all bikes are equal… I have bike 2 3 4 5 6 7 all fully upgraded. bought m with gold. did not realize bike 7 is just as fast as bike 2.


made a topic for it :+1:


Haha jezus man! :sweat_smile: oh you spent some gold for no use! Lol well now you can choose whichever bike you want and they’re all just as fast. Rich mans trouble :smiley: yeah like I said when I try too scrub I just hold down until I leave the ramp and a bit more and then up. But I think that’s not how they do it. Might be a combo with tapping the flip button and tapping down in some weird way :smiley: but I’m 4:th ww now and haven’t done a perfect run yet. And that’s without scrubs. Only jump really early in the ramp. Before the takeoff if you understand :blush: and then trying to nail the landings :+1:


spend gold to support the game *
so not completely useless.
& showing up with multiple bikes to a race makes you look pro.
now Ill try some of the things you just said see if its any better.

also Im looking for all these super complicated tricks while it is probably just my timing that sucks


Any support for Turborilla is great! It’s very appreciated!


This is the link for the Turborilla discord. Follow ot for tips, tricks and a lot of nonsense from Jogga.


A lot would be an understatement :joy::joy::joy:


if yall would just agree on these techniques that would make it a lot less confusing for me


I dont agree or disagree with any techniques :joy:


Ill just shut up.


Haha yeah mr nonsense speaking :joy::joy: however you need to read between the lines to see the nonsense :sweat_smile:

Yeah I think it’s great that you support turborilla. More people should be like you. If you like a game. Then why not buy stuff there to keep the game awesome :clap: :blush: i sure do :+1:


And yes timing is actually everything :blush:


If u want to scrub like in msmx2 u have to nail timing and usually only works on small kickers can do it on larger ramps but its dufficult to hold the front wheel up. What u wanna do is hop about a bike length before takeoff, wait till you start coming down from the hop, hold the backflip button to adjust ur bike angle, your front wheel should clear the entire takeoff hit jump and it will fling u forward. Really isnt much use for it for that much effort. lol