How to scrub consistently?

Does someone know how to pull this off consistently?
I manage to do it sometimes, but if you take a look at the current top time on the first jam track he does it so damn well.

Its all just a matter of practice…try finding the right angle and then just keep doing it over and over till you master it…eventually you will get a feel for it :+1: (oh and of course you also need to know how to wheelie :sweat_smile:)

Thank you for your answer!

However, I should have specified that I was talking about BMX 2. :upside_down_face:

Can’t really wheelie up to the jump :sweat:

Ooooooooh oops sorry :sweat_smile: in that case i have no idea :joy:

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The same, all you need is practice. And as Jow told in one of the last streams, timing is everything. Try racing against yourself, and see what happens if you jump later, or earlier, if you release the bumping bnutton, or not. I’ve seen a couple of jumps that you go faster by no jumping, only letting the flow do its work, but then, it’s only in few times. How and what to do when, that you get to know (and feel) by training, meaning racing and racing and racing…

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Alright, thanks. :slight_smile:

Im a big noob on bmx2 but this (jam)week I found out for really steep jumps its good to jump twice. once at the bottom and then also on the top of the jump. or just press jump a lot of times lol idk for me it works.

Ah, I’ll try it out! Thanks :smile:

Maybe a more experienced player can confirm this. Before we spend hours trying to perfect a bu££$hit move @THR_Dutchwoman @THR_Jogga72 @THR_TacoBandito ???

There’s definitely something to what you’re saying, maybe something like tapping down-up-down quickly somewhere in the jump.

I’m sure someone has passed me by now, but I was sitting in 2nd overall earlier today, and the dude in the first place pulls of those scrubs so nicely :sweat_smile:

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damn I did not even notice -.-
This goon just tried to give advice to the #2 ranked player :rofl::joy:
Im not even n the top 500
you should give me some pointers lol

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btw you need to tap up down up down up???
I only tried up up up so far this might actually help me

Never mind that “scrub”thing just focus on the ups and downs. Tip for first track. Take off early from the ramp. Don’t push up when leaving but push up in like the middle of the ramp. Makes you fly lower and saves you lots of time :+1::blush:

And here you comes! Stealing my Domination in Sweden! How dare you! :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m not sure if that’s the best way, I’m not doing it that well yet :frowning:

If you press up right before you reach the end of the jump and then down as you start to leave the jump and then release quickly again.
Let me know if you figure out a better way :smiley:

You can hold down all the way till you leave the ramp and just maybe 0.1-0.2 sec in the air and then press up you get kinda that thing matcharl is doing. Then again the flip button also work like that almost. I just run as tight as I can hitting the landings and takeoffs right. Hard enough as it is. :blush: I’ve stopped caring about “scrubs” for now.

Ah, thanks. I’ll have to remember that for later!
Would be a much easier way to do it :smiley:

Also, I see you have a picture of Kronan. Knox is where it’s at :moneybag:

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Yeah I do Knox blue sometimes to. But have done Kronan for ages so I stick with that LOL :joy: plus not much difference in price.

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You should join in the discord for bmx2. For everyone with a mind of steel :smiley:

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@THR_Birdshaw can you throw up a link for madskills discord? Here?