How to get special helmet

image image image Ff how do I get these helmets plz tell me

You dont get them anymore sorry man those were only for people that got top 1000 during the qualifiers for the first world championship (and the gold one was cause bragstad was world champ)

O ok thx

IDK what you’re talking about! I can get those helmet whenever I want.


I know u said this 2 days ago but how can u get them I went the weekend until now with checking my social media plz and thx

I can because Im an admin. Everyone else is outta luck


And all the dev’s can get them as well. Though we don’t really play the game…

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You should. I hear it’s a great game


Only if I get paid for it… Oh wait, I am ^^*
I’m much more of an RPG kind of guy… Or Starcraft/Civ… Or Megaman.

Can u give the helmet to people lol

You bet I can!

I won’t, tho😀


O dang well wana race on madskils just got out of school

My name is THR_Slush

Can I get 1 helmet pls NO GOLD

What did he get the pink helmet for. Haven’t seen anyone with that one either

The official name of the pink unicorn helmet is MY GODDAMN UNICORN HELMET! It’s mine and I got it by being a dick to the right people for YEARS!


Ich hatte auch mal gefragt wie bekomme ich diesen Helm ich sogar mal eine Meisterschaft gewonnen aber habe nichts bekommen

@THR_Birdshaw so the thr helmet is only yours and bragstad has it. Why is it thr then😂.
Wouldnt it be cool if everyone from thr would have it. Not trying to force you just saying😉

Its not a THR helmet. Its MY GODDAMN UNICORN HELMET™️!
And lent it to Braggy to show it off and make people jelly😀


Oh okay… Then wouldnt it be cool if thr had its own helmet??? Again just saying😉

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