How To Change Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture in Mad Skills Motocross 2 is the same as your connected social media profile picture.
If you click on the globe icon in the settings menu you’ll see multiple social media account options.
Once you log in with a social media account the profile picture from that account will become an option on the right side. You can hit the arrows to scroll through and select which picture you want. For instance, if you are connected with Game Center and Twitter you can choose which profile picture to display, as seen in the images below.

Note that profile pictures for Google Play are not supported at the moment.

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Hi! how can I custom picture? exemple I want

this one

From Facebook

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You would have to make that your FB profile picture. Then connect your FB account to your MSM2 account. There is no way to manually upload a profile picture.

so I can change it to this then connect then put my face back?

I think if you change your FB profile picture to something else it changes? I’m not sure. Give it a try. Maybe @THR_Birdshaw knows.

Make the wanted pic your profile pic on facebook, then change your ingame pic and then change your facebook pic back to whatever you want. That should do it.

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Can I change my name from elvive to GG_MOTO45

Hi. I’ve been trying to change my profile picture for the last 24 hours. Uploaded a profile picture to Facebook and connected the game with Facebook. Unfortunately mad skills only shows that grey silhouette picture with the FB logo at the bottom. It doesn’t load my photos from the FB web page.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?


Hey name spaghettiOs and can u change my profile picture to this

u need to do that yourself my man