How does the game match up racers

A couple of buddies and I were curious while playing in JAM mode /multilayer how does the game determine who your opponent will be ? I know that it goes to the player who has the closest time to yours but there has been quite a few times where me and some friends had almost exact times off by literally a few thousandths of a second and we anticipated that because of the times were so close that we would be sure be racing one another but in the 2 years I’ve Been playing iv never faced anyone that I actually knew while playing in Jam week I’m not sure if it’s just because there are so many people racing or what ?
What I mean by racing them I mean racing the recorded run not actually racing them live

In Jam, you always get matched up against someone with a slightly better time, thats correct.

Regarding your question, I think it have to do with the number of players worldwide (ap. 150-200k?)

I got 20 people that I follow, so called friends.
I think I got a few of them as my random opponent like 4 or 5 times

I follow and have people following me as well maybe around the same 20 or so but there is 3 of us in particular that including myself who’s laps times are usually real close we just figured we would end up matching up eventually but I know that well this jam week for example I believe there are 120, 000 different racers so far that have at least made a attempt so it makes sense why. Right on man thanks for the reassurance.

Yup, most of my “friends” are at the same skill level aswell, some are better (@Monroe201, @SyrianAtheist, @LesterWire and @Steve-ox for instance) and some are WAY WORSE (@Birdshaw).
I got @TCR_Elvis_PR and TCR_José as random opponents twice, pretty fun to get matched up against a net friend


HA HA HA That’s Hella Funny Also interesting to know cuz its hard to tell who’s got skills and who don’t just by reading the forums.

Thanks :heart:
Send the ones wich skillz you’re interested in a Versus challenge to find out, or follow them/us to see their/our weekly Jam progress and stats :slight_smile:


I’m not going to stoop to your level. I’m am a person who resolves arguments via calm reason. So without further ado: Go fuck yourself with a nail gun.


We love it when we whine, innit? :wink:

How about making a challenge track Shaw vs Kip? Maybe you two should draw it up.

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We actually talked about it and was really close of doing something similar… But other things got in our way. Might doing something in the future though :slight_smile:

I had my track in Jam once, "Kip Da Whip. It was awesome


If I remember correctly kip da whip was one of the first couple jam races I participated in. :beers:

Right on man! Right on :slight_smile:
My unique design and sense of smart details was loved all over the world :smile:

All jokes aside, the global attempt count was real high. I actually dont remember wich week it was

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Kip da Whip was a doodle!


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@Factoryyamaha112 and @KingKnobbywuzhere what’s your in-game usernames?

It was all taken care of , Thank you though


Sorry bro , I didn’t realize that I had a few emails that were overlooked , You had asked back on Oct 11 I believe what my in game user name was ? That would be MXTHUG122 incase you were still wondering ? If not disregaurd . .

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I am to. I was play with friends sometimes. I remember play with members of my team.

Well… It isn’t our fault that you aren’t friends with the players we match you with, is it? :troll:

Seriously though: we only take the skill into account in jam at the moment. It would be nice to prefer friends if someone is at the same level though

I meet to @THR_Birdshaw