How do you watch multiple replays at once?

pls help me


I need clues too. @THR_Birdshaw

Two fingers anywhere on the screen. Other finger taps each replay you want to watch. Take two fingers off before you touch last replay you tap. That’s it.



Almost makes me wish I had read the super secret instruction manual.

Thanks! It worked

its for MSX ??


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got it. Thanks so much

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didnt work for me… galaxy note 8… any ideas?

multitouch its available in your phone?. you can do it .

Yes, I tried and no luck.

you need premium rounds

Yes, I do have premium rounds… does it work for android?

It used to work on android i just tried and it doesnt work

It’s pretty great that this works for ACTUALLY racing the people on your friend’s list, too!! :sunglasses::metal::metal:

I got it to work but it is really glitchy…

yes i do to. @David_Gutierrez i get in android

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