How do you let out your mad skills?

Random poll to see how people really get into the zone and get those no.1 times on jam haha

  • In bed
  • With music
  • Warm
  • Cold
  • With family
  • Alone
  • On the toilet

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Laying on my back

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Random places

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Your moms room



My best finish in Jam was 9th, I was in bed when it happened. I actually was in first place when it happened, but went down to 9th by the end of the week. When I got that time I jumped out of bed and was yelling and jumping up and down. My wife thought I was insane. Jam week 86 track “Wings”. I even beat Master52 that week.


Again, I feel It’s my duty to add that this was the week bike 8 came out and there were A LOT of players on bike 7😀
(It night have been 8 and 9 tho)
I took my first and only regional win on Wings😀

I was at a hotel in Austria running a fever of 41 BTW.

You’re just mad cause I’m better than you :joy:

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Oh not at all. Thousands of players are. I just love adding that little factoid to whenever you tell that story. Which is often😀

Let me enjoy my one moment! It wasn’t even a great one.


I gota my 13th place the morning after I was stung by a jellyfish

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You did very well😘

It was the first day of jam though… Lol

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I did this in your mom’s room.

Letting out my Sunday night mad skills :v:


Those 2 elbow rests are the key to success :joy::joy:

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i might have to try this position haha

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