How do you change your profile picture using Game Center in iOS 10

I can’t find out how to set my profile picture using Game Center in iOS 10 and I also don’t have facebook or twitter

I’m not sure. But why not spend like five minutes setting up a Twitter account? If you don’t want your info registered you can just use for registrering.

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They pretty much got rid of the Game Center app in iOS 10 didn’t they?

Yeah, Game Center users got screwed on the profile picture topic.

I have an idea. What if you could use the photos on your device for your profile picture.

No way man. That would be WAY too easy! Any thoughs on that @hyarion :grinning:

The nice thing about using profile pictures from facebook and twitter is that they are already censored. That way we don’t need to deal with those types of issues of our own.

But what is really the problem? Did apple remove the support for profile pictures in gamecenter for iOS 10?

Meh. As you can upload a pic to Facebook, change it ingame and then delete it from facebook the censorship doesn’t work anyway

You are correct in that it isn’t 100% protection, but we don’t need a 100% censoring. We just want to keep the number low.

We have only had a handful of NSFW profile pictures in MSM2 so far, and I’ll bet we would had a lot more if we made it possible to upload any picture from your device.

A little bit of spice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my account name is AndreDirtbiker