How can i improve!

I have been wanting to get better in this game and i have been talking with some peeps about how i can improve and what tracks they practised on!
That makes me wonder what tracks you guys practise on? For example: you use this track for scrubs and this for wheelie control, or do you improve and learn things over versus? Please let me know

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Vs with faster people really helps becsuse try to keep up wtih them And beat them, or you can watch what they do. Vs other people slower is no use. Premium rounds are one of the biggest things that helped me to. And I don’t think many people do this but i actually do, I practice of I havnt played in a while or want to get better. I go on tracks like roczen roll, 12 o’clock, tone, straight rhythm 14, and explorer. Of you need wall bounces or challenging crazy tracks to grind the world championship tracks

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Yeah, I’d say using premium would be the best/easiest way. Versus will help too if you race the fast guys. When I was coming up and getting faster, I remember times where the fast guys would gain small amounts of time everywhere on the track. Not just from scrubbing. So I would watch replays and see exactly when and where they were leaning forward and back to make up the time. These little tricks to make up time are just as important as being able to scrub.

But when it comes to scrubbing, which I’m not the best at, there are two key factors. Your set up angle, and your leaning/rotation speed. Both of which will change depending on the angle of your landing, bike speed, and how close the next jump is.

With your setup angle, you just have to play a lot and get a feel for it. By this I mean you get your bike at a certain angle to the terrain while you’re in the air, to prepare for the landing.

The next thing is your lean/rotation speed, or lean back momentum. This is critical. Your rider gets more leaning momentum going, the longer you lean back. So you need to find the right leaning speed to be able to lock that wheelie in without looping out. You have to practice and get a feel for the exact moment you need to start leaning back from your setup angle. As an example, the sweet spot may be to start leaning back 1/10th of a second before you touch ground. If you find yourself looping out over a certain jump, try adjusting your setup angle and/or your rotation speed.

But every jump is different so yeah, finding good tracks to practice will help.

And I’d say there are some advanced techniques also for scrubbing which is pretty much just including throttle, brake, and lean control while you are in the wheelie. Which takes intense eye/thumb coordination. I didn’t have much of this before champs but I’ve improved on this since. The better I get, the busier my thumbs get.

For scrubbing and all lessons, definitely watch and play against Bragstad, ZSE, Sixfoot, Master52, Parker, Auzzi, and Svends.


My style scrub is to land steep and just lean foward. Sometimes at the last moment lean back will keep even lower.

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Yeah that’s a good way for landings that are really close to the next jump. Best is to learn all methods perfectly and know when to use each one :wink:.

But yeah you bring up a good point. There are different wheelie and scrub methods. You can land leaning back then lean forward at the right time. Or like you, land steep where you might usually wheelie over but your lean forward momentum keeps you from looping out. Or you can land at the same angle as Your wheelie and try to balance that.

The lean back, then forward will give you a faster more aggressive fling forward. Your method makes it easier to do the soaky up scrub.

All styles have their place. They don’t all work on every jump. That’s why you just have to grind and spend extra time watching all the little movements that the fast guys make. I still don’t know what @Zse743 does sometimes. Maybe he will quit being stingy and tell us his secrets. :grimacing:

I’ve had alot of time today and im playing toe to toe in the track pack. Its really helpfull with more than scrubs. Have to balance and absorb the rollers. And this track uses alot of scrub technique I don’t use, so im learning alot. I’m doing more of what your talking about

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But yea like you said, its not just the scrubs, its all the other small things that kill my times. I can do alot of the scrubs nose wheelies or stuff like that. Its other small things I need to work on

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Exactly. One thing that most fast guys probably know, is that if you need to absorb a small bump, tag, or flat land without bouncing, you can get on like a 30° angle or so and tap forward then lean back just as you land.

You can do a quick lean forward at the bottom of certain fast steep hills and landings for a little extra.

And on small rollie landings you can land leaning all the way back as close to a wheelie as you can and tap lean forward while on the downslope to give you a little push. Not much but can add up.

Lean back at the finish. It used to be the head or mid body that set the time. But it’s now either tire.

At the start, leaning all the way back, then forward at the right time can be faster than just leaning forward.

Some smaller, quick steep kicker type jumps will pop you higher if you stay leaning back.

For staying low and fast, time it so your guy leans all the way forward just as he peaks the end of the jump. (For when you aren’t scrubbing)

And of course the Kudla or soaky scrub. When you scrub a jump but lean back just as your front tire clears the lip. Keeps you lower and gets you to the ground quicker.

That’s most of what I know. Hope it helps!


My best tip is once you know what to do to be fast just be yourself don’t try to copy the fast guys runs in jam just go with what is fast for you and if you accidently do a backscrub that the fast guys dont do but it is working for you go with it :v:

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THR_BOB Ijust pin the chit out of it an have the developers by me motors an parts.

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Just gotta send it
Always ride open :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: