Help me improve please

Can u help me improve on mad skills motocross 2


This is my best but is was earlier in the day so not much people played yet

What can i do to help you?

Can you plz help me go faster like how to stay on a wheelie

That’s just all about finding the right balance point… Which comes with a lot of practice


Okay what is your right balance point

That’s what I’m saying… Practice a lot… Just get on your backwheel… If you fall backwards that means the balance point is more forward… If you fall forward so you’re on both wheels again it means you need to lean back more… That’s how you’ll have to figure it out :slight_smile:

Okay I really appreciate it man and I want to say I watch your times in jam and your really good

Do you know a good practice track?

I mean it’s best to just do it in every track you play… I don’t really know if there’s a track with a long straight that’s good to practice on… The only track i can think of is bump and run but that was in jam like a looooooong time ago :thinking:

Straight rythm 14 and 12 oclock are pretty good

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Damn dude, judgung by those placings you can teach me well alot of us a few things lol

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lol thanks

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what is your username? Maybe I can find something in ur runs where u can improve on,

xBRENDONx is my user name

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Find it for me too prooo
Username Mendoza_wr30
It’s nice if you follow me back✌🏻