Help, account progress lost

Hello, i believe i have had two accounts on MSM2, unawarely. After trying to delete the app and restore to try and get the santa clause helmet, even though my app was up to date, i noticed i lost all of my progress even if i logged in with the same fb. I have noticed a difference in the screen name on the app, even though i have two game center accounts with matching nicknames, which i thought wasn’t allowed. Anyway, my main MSM2 account is devildog_0431 and this new account, with no progress (but shows restored purchases) has a display name of devildog0431, so no _ is showing in the name. I can log in on this new one and look up my original account and see the stats, but i just can’t figure out how to get on it. I have tried backing up my phone and restoring it with several diff backups from different times and i still can’t get my progress back. Is there anyway to restore devildog_0431 ? I was always jam div 1, had all bikes and unlocks (except for that missing santa hat which is what caused this entire issue), versus 70-9, 100% carrer completion. Help me please. I uploaded a couple screenshots. One is my original account i am teying to recover (screenshot with gf’s account), and 2nd screenshot is this new account that has none of my progress after reinstalling the app. I have tried linking to fb, twitter, and gc with no success at recovering progress. My cell is 618-681-1171 if anyone can help -Jason Holder

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Anyone? Admins? Help…

I’ve never seen that before… Anyway I think I’ve fixed the issue now.
Please delete and reinstall the game and then login via facebook to access devildog_0431

I deleted the app, redownloaded from the cloud, and logged in via facebook, but it it still loggs me in as devildog0431 without the stats of devildog_0431. Yesterday i spent all day finishing 84/100 on career and getting a few items back on devildog0431, but i’d like to have it all back. Is there a way to just swap devildog0431 w/ devildog0431? Does downloading the app from the cloud and not as a new download somehow cause this issue? I am on an iphone 6, and still, no santa hat. How come it isn’t showing up for me and my gf? We are on iOS.

Pretty sure I fixed this over an email to you…no? If you’re still having problems let me know.

It is all fixed now, thank you so much! BRAAAPPP :slight_smile:

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