Helmets,Gear and bikes that would be cool in game

Put whatever you think would be cool in game

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Maybe Turborilla will partner with Monster for the daily dash. :thinking:

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I hope so Monster helmets would be epic.

I don’t think they will

I don’t think so I mean they had a sponsor with Redbull so maybe not

Yeah Monster has never really done anything with Turborilla though. Not sure why but that’s how it is.

They really should though I believe msmx2 players have wanted monster since the turborilla suit bundle dropped.

How many times are they doing DD?

How would everyone feel if they added fly fish 2019 gear it could be color-able because there are different colors

I would like it

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would anyone like fly glitch

does anyone else think they should be sponsored by F🦊X

Ya I think that would be cool

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